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2020 – New Year + New Look

We are excited to share our new look! As independent contractors, we love to be creative with our marketing to help our clients shine.

new Rachel + Molly logo

New Year. New Look. Same Service.

It’s a new year and decade, and we are excited! As independent contractors, it’s a time to reflect on last year and to look ahead to the coming year, with new goals and a refreshed state-of-mind. We love goal-setting, challenging ourselves, and implementing practices that can better serve our clients… we’re always trying to think of the next best thing. So, to start this new decade, we thought it was the perfect time to launch our new look! It is just a logo, so it’s a rather small change; we’re still Rachel + Molly, and we still provide the same real estate services with great care and attention to detail. Nonetheless, this little modification is something we are very excited to share as we start the new year!

We love all things real estate, but we also love to be creative. That is one reason why we joined forces a few years ago. Together, we are able to create materials and content that we wouldn’t have been able to execute individually. This new logo/look is something that we poured our heart and soul into… it’s pretty simple, but that’s our style. We also used it as a time to review our marketing plan and materials, because we always want to improve our business and provide an even better service to our clients. One of our favorite things is adding a personal touch to everything we do. We always ask ourselves – “would we love to get something like this?” or “would we find this helpful?”. If the answer is yes to either question, we are most likely putting it on our list of projects to accomplish!

We’re Always Looking Forward

Now that we have been together for three years (where does time go?!), we are proud of all that we have achieved together. It’s the same Rachel + Molly, with the same great company of Lepic-Kroeger, REALTORS® behind us, but we just have a nice new look! If you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell this year, we would love to help!

Lastly, we want to leave you with something that we hope will inspire you for this new decade. We know we say this A LOT, but we feel blessed to be doing something we are so passionate about… our tagline “our passion. your advantage.” isn’t just fluff. This is truly our passion. Chip Gaines in “Capital Gaines” (who doesn’t love Chip & Jo?!, and it is a great read, by the way!) hit the nail on the head by writing this:

“We were created to live passionately – all of us, no matter our personality type or circumstance. The human heart was made to swell and jump and stir; that’s a fact. It took me a while to figure out what makes my heart feel that way. But that is perhaps one of the most crucial things to know about ourselves.”

Wishing you all a wonderful 2020 & here’s to living passionately!

R + M

Rachel and Molly at a round table
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