Rachel Barnes

Iowa City Real Estate Agent

Rachel Barnes, Real Estate Agent

Rachel Barnes excels at offering personalized service to all her clients. Rachel has been working with buying and selling clients since 2006. Her depth of knowledge and advice is based primarily in home, commercial and investment property sales. 

Rachel enjoys the excitement of finding buyers their perfect property and is known for her honesty and thoroughness. She truly loves the work she does and always has her client’s best interest in mind. She strives to make the buying and selling process as stress-free as possible, while providing diligent and valuable real estate services. 

Rachel grew up in Iowa. She started her sales career at the age of ten, selling products door-to-door in her neighborhood. Since graduating from the University of Iowa, she has worked to build a loving family and successful real estate career in the Iowa City Area. 

Rachel Barnes is part of the Rachel + Molly Team!

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