Coralville: City Series

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Coralville – located in Johnson County and is a suburb of Iowa City

Coralville is a family-friendly community located just west of Iowa City. It’s easy to get these two cities confused because they are next door neighbors and compose a majority of the greater metropolitan area.

In the last two decades, Coralville has grown and changed drastically, both residentially and commercially. Much of the residential growth occurred in the northern part of the city, with the addition of many beautiful subdivisions that have become quite desirable for homebuyers. The change of the commercial landscape came with the opening of Coral Ridge Mall in 1998 – it was no longer just the Coralville Strip for retail stores and restaurants. More recently, the development of Iowa River Landing provides great entertainment (shopping, dining, and a future arena and athletic training center) for locals and tourists.

From this growth and development, it has become a vibrant and unique town. There is always something to do – enjoying the outdoors on one of the many paved trails (our favorite is just off Camp Cardinal Blvd), attending an event at the Center for the Performing Arts, shopping, or grabbing a coffee or bite to eat at a local coffee shop or restaurant.

Don’t confuse Coralville for Iowa City it deserves the recognition of being an everchanging and gracious community. It’s easy to feel at home in this ever evolving city.






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