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Kid-Friendly Spaces

If you’re confined because of COVID, create a kid’s haven! No matter the style, size, or age of home, kid-friendly spaces can be created.

With the current events of COVID-19, many of us are spending more time at home. Does it have you thinking of ways you can improve your home or make it more practical for your needs? For those that have kids, are you always trying to find new ways to keep the toys organized or entertain your children inside? We wanted to welcome you into our homes to share how we have adapted our spaces for our families. No matter the style, size, or age of home, kid-friendly spaces can be created!


Organization and kids…is this even possible?? We think so! It doesn’t have to be perfect, but we have found that it helps to keep toys as organized as possible. The key is to buy baskets (and a lot of them!) or use a shelving unit for small bins. At the end of the day, the toys can be tucked away and out of sight. Plus, kids can learn to sort and do the small chore of picking up.

Be Creative

We had to think outside of the box for our kid-friendly transformations, and you may have to as well! In Molly’s home, a dark attic space was converted into a bright playroom. In Rachel’s home, part of an open lower level rec room was transformed into a Ninja Warrior gym. It’s about making the most of your space and creating purpose for every square foot. Whether it’s a corner of a living space, the spot under your stairs, or a random closet, let your imagination run wild and think of how you could best utilize that space for your kids!

Have Fun!

It’s all about having fun! With our projects, not only were we excited for all the fun and joy that it would bring our children, we were also giddy about designing the space. From start to finish, it should be fun! Make it a project that you’re excited to tackle and envision the memories that you plan to have with your children in that space. We hope this gives you a little inspiration, especially for those who have little ones! These types of projects are what makes a house a home – creating spaces just for you and your family and making memories that last a lifetime.

Happy designing and stay well!


Kids and organization can go together! Rachel + Molly
Kid's ninja zone. Rachel + Molly
Kid friendly attic zone. Rachel + Molly