Listing 101: Readying your Home

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read·y (verb) – to prepare (someone or something) for an activity or purpose

With the spring season upon us, home sellers are diligently working on readying their homes for the market. This can be an arduous task, but it is crucial to achieving a quick sale and a top dollar amount for the property.

So, what does it mean to ready a home for sale?

  1. DE-PERSONALIZE – There’s no better time to get a head start on the moving process! Pack away all personal items to help the buyer visualize themselves living in their new home.
  2. DE-CLUTTER – Less is more! Pack away small items, tidy shelves, clear counters, and organize closets. A buyer is buying the home, not all the belongings.
  3. CURB APPEAL – First impressions set the tone! Give the front door, porch, and windows a good cleaning and freshen up any landscaping.
  4. FIX-IT UP – Tackle the to-do list! If there are any repairs needing addressed, get them done. Even the small repairs, like paint touch-ups, caulking, leaky faucets, etc., are important to remedy up front.
  5. CLEAN, CLEAN AND CLEAN AGAIN – A clean, fresh-smelling home is a happy, well-maintained home! This is the simplest thing a seller can do, but can also make the biggest impact.
  6. PRISTINE PRESENTATION – Fluff the pillows and let the light shine in! Pull the curtains, make the bed, and fold the towels to truly show off the home.

It sounds like a lot of work, because it is. However, each and every property is different. For our home sellers, we offer advice tailored to their needs and desires. Ultimately, we strive to make what can be a stressful situation as stress-free as possible, while also achieving the goals that our sellers have. It’s a collaborative effort, from start to finish!

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