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Spring has Sprung:  5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Spring cleaning tasks are a rewarding way both to keep your home feeling fresh and ensure your investment stays in tip-top condition.

Although the weather doesn’t consistently feel like it, Spring is here! Every year, we (and many others) are itching to get outside after a long winter in hibernation. It’s a great time of year to also think about the maintenance of your property. Why not enjoy the weather while also tackling a few easy and productive spring cleaning projects for your home?!

Here are 5 ideas for sprucing up your home this Spring:

  1. Clean your gutters – This isn’t necessarily a fun task, but it is important for your home, especially with the rain that comes this time of year. Frequently, we hear from homeowners and home inspectors that water infiltrates the basement if the gutters are full. This issue can be easily avoided by making sure your gutters are clean (or better yet, consider investing in gutter guards).

  2. Wash your windows – Clean windows really make a difference, both inside and out!  There’s nothing quite like the sparkle of clean glass.

  3. Power wash – If you have vinyl siding, it is surprising how much dirt builds up over a year’s time. Power washing your vinyl siding can help your house look like new again.

  4. Freshen up your landscaping – By simply cleaning up your flower beds, trimming your plants, and adding fresh mulch, you can add so much curb appeal to your home. A clean, well-landscaped home gives the feel of a well-maintained home.

  5. Add some color with annuals – Planting annual flowers and plants can really add dimension to your outdoor spaces. Whether in the ground or in pots/planters, they will enhance your home’s appeal!
Spring cleaning task list

There are plenty of other home projects to tackle this time of year, but these are just a few that are relatively inexpensive and can go a long way. We believe that your home is your biggest investment (or at least one of them), so it’s important to care for it. Spring cleaning allows you to do just that … and hopefully have some fun at the same time! 😊

Happy Spring!