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Decorating Your Home on a Budget

Becoming a homeowner comes with a wide variety of emotions and new responsibilities but decorating on a budget can be fun and rewarding.

Are you decorating on a budget? Becoming a homeowner comes with a wide variety of emotions and new responsibilities. Fortunately the experience of decorating your new home should be something you can look forward to and not dread.  Anyone who has moved before knows that feeling of getting your current belongings moved into your new home. Within days, a list of items you want or need for your new space start piling up.  This is the moment where some people may think, “How am I going to afford to decorate this space?”

We’re here to provide a few pointers. Hopefully we can make this moment enjoyable even if you find yourself decorating on a budget.  There are SO many ways to decorate and create your little in-home oasis without spending a fortune! Here are a few easy tips and tricks for decorating on a budget:

Throw Blankets & Pillows

This is such a simple way to change your living room or bedroom space. If you’re on a budget (like most people are), this is a great inexpensive solution to making your space feel cozy and homey. It’s a convenient and creative way to add pops of color and texture to an otherwise blank space. These items are also easy to change with seasons or as your style grows without breaking the bank. What could be better?!


Add lamps is another great and affordable way to change up your home. It fills blank space on side tables or empty room corners. Beyond that, the soft light really changes the feel of a room. Once again, this is an item that you can change as your style does. Switching out the base or a shade is easy. You would be surprised with how that small change can impact a room!

Fresh Flowers

We personally LOVE flowers and plants of all kinds. We may be biased, but these are a game-changer for us. Not only does your home smell pretty, it also looks pretty! Pops of color. A fresh smell. These features make a flower arrangement the most simple and perfect centerpiece for a bare table or counter space. Plus, with there being so many different types of flowers, you’re never stuck with the same kind!

We hope this will help make your moving and decorating experience a little more fun and a lot less stressful!

Not sure where to shop?

Here is a short list of our favorite, affordable places to check out:

  • Target
  • HomeGoods
  • IKEA
  • Hobby Lobby

Happy Decorating!