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Happy Halloween! The inside on Spooks in your home.

How many spooks does your new home have? We’re talking about structural, mechanical, electrical, health-related, or pest spooks.

Spook (noun) – ghost, specter, or apparition

How many spooks does your new home have? We’re not talking about actual ghosts here. We’re talking about structural, mechanical, electrical, health-related, or pest spooks. How do you discover these? Who ya gonna call? THE GHOSTBUSTERS (a.k.a., licensed inspectors)!

The three most common inspections are whole-house, wood-destroying pest, and radon. The cost of all three ranges from $500-$600 and is the responsibility of the buyer. It is money well-spent, so you know exactly the ghosts that are haunting your future home, from big to small.

If the home isn’t brand new, you can’t expect it to be, and that is why the big ghouls are what we’re after. What are these ghouls we’re talking about? They are major deficiencies involving heating/cooling, electrical, plumbing, structural, safety, and health-related issues within the home. A buyer can ask for remediation in a remedy request to the seller. If the buyer and seller are unable to reach an agreement on repairs for these deficiencies, this is where your inspection contingency comes into play. These keep you safe by allowing cancellation of the contract.

The Ghostbusters play an important role in the homebuying process. After all, who wants to live in a home full of spooks?! We are thankful for the work that they do!

DISCLAIMER: Licensed inspectors are not actually paranormalists, this is in spirit of Halloween. If you are wondering about actual haunted properties, Iowa real estate law says that a homeowner does not have to disclose if they have experienced any paranormal activity in the home. It is not considered to be a material adverse fact. You’ll only know if Casper is your roommate once you get settled in…

Happy Halloween, all!


Spooks in your new home? Rachel + Molly
Spooks in your new home? Rachel + Molly