City Series

Iowa City: Introducing our City Series

Iowa City – located in the heart of Johnson County, serving as the county seat. We introduce our City Series with one of our favorite places.

located in the heart of Johnson County and serving as the county seat

Iowa City is a vibrant and diverse community. This is evident in the downtown scene. You’ll love the infamous Ped Mall, iconic Old Capitol, and everything in between. It’s easy to find anything you need here, including local boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, and yoga studios. Whether you’re a sports fan, a nature lover, or a fine arts enthusiast, you will feel right at home.

Divided by the river, you have the Eastside and Westside of Iowa City. Both sides of town have great schools, wonderful neighborhoods, and picturesque parks. Even though Iowa City makes up a small metropolitan area, it has a small-town feel. Every resident feels like they somehow know the other.

When you’re here, you can’t escape the black and gold. This is the home of the University of Iowa (go Hawks)! With a student population of over 33,000 (according to enrollment in 2016), there are always people coming and going. This adds verve to an everchanging community. The University and its thousands of students and employees, including the renowned University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, is a major player in the city’s economy. A a portion of the population is quite transient and this helps keep the housing market strong. You’ll find many opportunities to buy and sell.

Ultimately, Iowa City isn’t just the Home of the Hawkeyes. This is home to tens of thousands of people, from young to old. With so much to offer, you can see why so many decide to make themselves at home here in Iowa City.


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Iowa City, IA. Real Estate City Series. Rachel + Molly
Iowa City, IA. Real Estate City Series. Rachel + Molly
Iowa City, IA. Real Estate City Series. Rachel + Molly