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Iowa City is a unique place with a dynamic housing market. As you can imagine, there are quite a few realtors in Iowa City. When you’re ready to buy or sell a home, it can be hard to know who to work with.

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What to Look for in an Iowa City Realtor

In some places, working with a realtor who’s not completely on the ball might be no big deal. Although many markets favor either buying or selling, it’s not uncommon in some parts of the country for people to have multiple options when buying a home.

In Iowa City, this is often not the case. Houses often have multiple offers within hours of going on the market and one misstep can cost you the home of your dreams. If you don’t have a realtor who can navigate these difficult dynamics, you could end up waiting a long time to secure a home or dramatically overpaying just to end the pain.

Communication: Why it Matters

Good communication starts before you ever look at a home. Your realtor should work with you before the shopping process starts to familiarize you with the steps of home buying and help you identify your goals, your budget, and potential must-haves or deal breakers. Buying a home is complicated and most people only do it a small number of times in their lives. A good realtor will keep you informed throughout the process and make sure each decision you make is educated and correct.

Market Knowledge: A Critical Factor

In Iowa City’s hot market, making the wrong offer comes at a high cost. Bid too high and you could end up overpaying. Bid too low and your offer might end up discarded without due consideration. How do you know what the right offer is?

Negotiation Skills

The ability to negotiate means a lot more than just haggling over price. In some cases, it’s possible to employ strategies to ease a sale without changing an offer but might focus on contingencies of various kinds. A good realtor needs to be able to read people, read the market, and be able to see through the veneer of a staged home to see its true value.

Willingness to Advocate

Buying a home is complex legal transaction. There are many considerations to be taken into account throughout the process. Sometimes you might encounter an unscrupulous seller who might take advantage of someone without experience. When you work with Rachel + Molly, we will advocate for you. If anything smells fishy, we will bring it to your attention to make sure your interests are protected.

How to Spot a Bad Match

Have you ever reached out to your realtor and not heard back? Has your realtor ever shown you a home that doesn’t meet your requirements? Have your offers repeatedly failed to secure you a home? If so, it might be worth considering whether you’ve made the best possible decision on who to work with. Luckily, starting the shopping process with a realtor comes with no obligation. You can seek new representation at any time!

What our Clients Say

I could not have been more impressed. Read more “I could not have been more impressed”

Leah B

Gave very good direction- had a few offers not meet the sellers objective- but I am glad I ended up with the condo that I did. she respected my price range and the amount of time I would be using the condo and a good opportunity happened- leaving me no what ifs.

D Berning
North Liberty

Her knowledge of the area/Iowa City, her connections in the community, and her professionalism set her apart from all the others. Read more “Willing to go the extra mile”

E. Sparks
Iowa City

Molly is a great Realtor regarding every aspect of the home buying process. As a first time home buyer, Molly made the experience completely painless. I had no surprises throughout the process and Molly was always available if I had any question. If you are in the market to buy a home in this area… Read more “Molly was always available”

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